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It's not what you say, it's how you say it. We should talk is a short-form narrative game that will make you think carefully about the words you choose, coming Thursday July 16th 2020 to Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. 

In We should talk, you'll use the sentence spinner to piece together modular sentences in response to the in-game characters. Choose your words carefully to express yourself as you discuss ongoing problems about life and romance with Sam, your in-game partner, over text messages, while also chatting with friends and strangers at your favorite local bar.

The combination of words you choose impacts the conversations you have, how genuinely you can connect with your partner, and whether your relationship can survive the night. It's up to you how you respond—depending on how you communicate, you'll see one of many possible endings.

Personalized Choices: Using the sentence spinner, make choices that connect with you. Countless options abound—be yourself, or role play someone you never thought you could be.

Unique Characters: Your night at the bar is more interesting thanks to all the unique people you encounter. Find your healthy balance between chatting with your friends and keeping up with the texts from your partner at home. 

Different Paths: Your choices drastically affect the way folks respond to you, leading to one of many different paths in each conversation. Will you be accommodating, flirty, stand-offish, or somewhere in-between?

Multiple endings: Play again and again to find all 9 possible endings. Conclusions aren't based on a specific path or route the way many traditional narrative games branch, but instead the endings are based on the tone your responses express throughout the game. What do your relationships look like at the end of the night?

Realistic conversations: Experience the emotions that come with real conversations, whether it’s the the joy that comes with teasing a friend, the anxiety that comes with a heavy text message, or the frustration of navigating a touchy conversation with a creep. Express yourself as clearly as you can and hope that your conversational partner understands, though there's always a risk they might interpret your words differently than you intended.

The We should talk Team:

Kat AguiarNobonita BhowmikFrancesca Carletto-LeonJordan Jones-BrewsterCarol Mertz and Jack Schlesinger


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Love the dialogue system! Short and sweet, makes you think about what you say.

It's a cute and unique game that's worth the price. The dialogue is well written and it addressed relevant social issues, but there is little replay value. I played through twice, but that was all I needed. But for the low cost, I recommend it.

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The game is slow at the start but it really gets interesting after a few minutes of playing, i felt bad when i decided to break-up with her at the end tho :(

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I've been playing through it, and really love the premise. I however ran into a situation where a combination of my choices lead to a huuuge leap in the script, where the game suddenly forces you in a direction you were definitely not aiming for. But good stuff regardless!


It was exactly what I'd hope it would be, and after two very different play-throughs, I came away feeling a strong mixture of emotions. I felt as though I was engaged in battle, and the words were my weapons. I have a great deal of remorse about how I broke up with my girlfriend, not the least of which is that I chose to do so over text. Yet the experience felt more real and impactful than 95% of the plethora of indies I've played lately. Nice work. Excited to see what you produce next!

I played the game once and I love it. 

I'm glad that my own path leads to a good ending ^_^ it's reassuring ! It's a good way to see how communication works − or doesn't. Also, it makes me feel good and smile, thanks to Sam's lovely words. 

Thank you for that game !


Great idea, the conversations felt really great. So excited to see more ideas like this.


Thank you so much!

Fun and Interesting game! I did a video on it and enjoyed the game. Looking forward to doing the other endings


Thanks for playing, and sharing the video!