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Love the dialogue system! Short and sweet, makes you think about what you say.

It's a cute and unique game that's worth the price. The dialogue is well written and it addressed relevant social issues, but there is little replay value. I played through twice, but that was all I needed. But for the low cost, I recommend it.

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The game is slow at the start but it really gets interesting after a few minutes of playing, i felt bad when i decided to break-up with her at the end tho :(

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I've been playing through it, and really love the premise. I however ran into a situation where a combination of my choices lead to a huuuge leap in the script, where the game suddenly forces you in a direction you were definitely not aiming for. But good stuff regardless!


It was exactly what I'd hope it would be, and after two very different play-throughs, I came away feeling a strong mixture of emotions. I felt as though I was engaged in battle, and the words were my weapons. I have a great deal of remorse about how I broke up with my girlfriend, not the least of which is that I chose to do so over text. Yet the experience felt more real and impactful than 95% of the plethora of indies I've played lately. Nice work. Excited to see what you produce next!

I played the game once and I love it. 

I'm glad that my own path leads to a good ending ^_^ it's reassuring ! It's a good way to see how communication works − or doesn't. Also, it makes me feel good and smile, thanks to Sam's lovely words. 

Thank you for that game !


Great idea, the conversations felt really great. So excited to see more ideas like this.


Thank you so much!

Fun and Interesting game! I did a video on it and enjoyed the game. Looking forward to doing the other endings

Thanks for playing, and sharing the video!